PONTE ... is the Italian word for bridge. As important as water is in our daily lives, crossing it can be dangerous, burdensome, or just inefficient. The safe, dry, and economic way to get to - and stay in touch with - the other side, without drowning or drifting in currents, is to use a bridge.

PONTE CAPITAL LLC ... is that very bridge from your equity to the assets and investments that you own. When Peter Thiels and Brett Wayman founded Ponte in 2011, the Ponte Vecchio in Florence, Italy was an inspiration to a new way of actively and efficiently managing equity and privately owned assets. Our focus is on preparing, equipping and protecting investors to get to - and stay in control of - their investments. Even in the 21st century, it takes a solid bridge above currents, and for efficiency, a variety of actions covered while crossing it. Just like, for centuries, in the picture above.

Ponte does not replace subject matter experts or resources such as project managers, bankers, brokers, CPAs, lawyers, etc, - nor are we a consultant who leaves you before implementation. We help you identify your needs and then work with you to choose and control the instruments and resources that maximize your bottom line. We actively monitor your financial activities and holdings - holistically, to make sure they don't conflict - and give guidance to make sure they are in line with your goals. We conduct due diligence every step of the way to give you peace of mind and an awareness of the consequences of your activities. We work for - and report to - you, directly, in a personal and hands-on way with integrity, transparency, accountability, and confidentiality.

Imagine an orchestra performing the musical piece you have created or acquired. A successful performance requires multiple instruments to be played, each by a professional in their field. Every orchestra needs a conductor, just as every football team needs a coach. What these examples have in common is a focus on action over simple advisement.

Wouldn't it be nice to have the peace of mind of knowing that you have such an independent manager on YOUR side - driving you forward - while covering your back? PONTE could be YOUR independent asset & equity manager.


Ponte Capital LLC provides custom-tailored solutions and services in the acquisition, management, and ongoing oversight of financial holdings. A selection of completed projects includes:

- Structuring the purchase of international assets and restructuring international holdings
- Legal and financial clarification and modification of partnership interests
- Forensic accounting and conflict resolution; audit and legal resolution and mediation management
- Active ownership interest representation
- Acquisition due diligence management
- Family asset structuring or restructuring for special situations
- Strategy and assistance in trust and estate planning and during divorce proceedings
- Corporate and partnership takeover situations (managing due diligence, legal, banking, debt, etc.)
- General Partner role in real estate partnerships and property management reorganization
- Debt collection and debt restructuringSubdividing entities or real estate property
- Bank relationship management and reorganization, including international accounts
- Personal or business budgeting and accounting management support and training
- Corporate, partnership, and private debt management and note acquisitions
- Temporary management of business entities on behalf of owners

The founders and members of Ponte have personal and professional experience throughout the United States and in Germany, France, Switzerland, England, and the U.A.E. The members of Ponte speak English, German, and French.


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Peter K. Thiels

Managing Director and Co-Founder

In 1993 Peter founded The Transinvest Corporation to advise transatlantic private and corporate financial and business ventures. In 1994 he co-founded The Transinvest Group LLC for real estate asset management and in 1998 he co-founded TIAM Inc. for property management. In 2008 Peter sold his interest in TIAM to his partner and re-directed his focus on individual and international equity ventures. During the following years, Peter created the "Ponte Network" with partners in the US, Germany, Switzerland, U.A.E. and Australia, which eventually led to the creation of Ponte Capital LLC in Atlanta in 2011.

Prior to Ponte and Transinvest, Peter spent 14 years in corporate lending at IKB-DI AG in Germany and Commerzbank AG in Frankfurt, New York, and Atlanta. During his time at Commerzbank's New York office, Peter served as Vice President and department head for corporate lending in charge of Texas, New England, Ohio, and Colorado, among others. He arranged multi-billion dollar loans and acted as manager for loan syndications to companies including Goodyear, Goldman Sachs, and Texaco. In Atlanta, Peter served as Senior Vice President and head of banking activities for the Southeast US (including Texas), where he created a multi-billion dollar loan portfolio for US corporations, launched a corporate cash management trading desk, and acquired new clients including Coca-Cola, FedEx, Georgia-Pacific, and Texas-based oil companies. While in Atlanta, Peter served as President of the Southeastern International Bankers Association.

Peter is a graduate of Germany's first private university for business administration and economics, the European Business School (ebs), where he is a co-founder of its alumni organization "EBS Alumni (eXebs)". During that time he studied and interned in Frankfurt, Paris and London. Peter is fluent in English, French and German.

Peter has published several articles in European newspapers and business magazines on international asset management. He lectures on international asset management at ADI (Academie der Immobilienwirtschaft) in Stuttgart and Hamburg and co-authored the Handbook for Real Estate (Handbuch der Immobilienwirtschaft, Gabler Verlag) in 2002. Peter served on international advisory committees in preparation of the 1996 Olympics, and acted as advisor to Sharjah, the U.A.E.'s 3rd largest emirate, as well as several European and American privately owned companies.


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